Episode 69 of inPsight Radio with Danielle Egnew: Danielle meets up again with October's Spooky Topic guest co-host, Herbalist, Energy Worker and New England native Melissa Scianna, to discuss the incredibly eerie aspects of America's haunted seaboard -- New England! Listen to first hand ghost encounters from one of America's most frightening  places, and learn what makes the east coast so creepily haunted: What's the difference between ghostly, elemental, and demonic hauntings?  Are ghosts a commonly accepted new England guest? What are the "rock walls" found all over New England? And why does New England stay so packed full of spirit life, more so than any other part of the country?  Tune in and receive today's best inPsight!  

Find Melissa online at: https://www.vintageapothecaryshop.com/



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